The Organized Writer 2018

I love planners. I love the idea of being organized, and I am the type of person who needs to see a list.

Yes, I broke down and purchased an Erin Condren planner for 2018. Many of the aspects of the planner can be customized.  I chose this cover…”She designed a life she loved” in the colors I wanted, along with my “real” name and my author name. (Please excuse the reflections on the cover. It is very glossy!)

I went with a horizontal weekly layout.

The planner comes with stickers. There is also an option to purchase snap-in “dash boards”. I went with bill paying, to-do list/goal setting, and meal planning.  The planner also comes with a snap-in ruler, sticky notes, a pouch for carry stuff. There are a few blank lined pages, a few dot-grid pages of the sort Bullet Journalists like, and 4 “coloring book” pages.Because I went with the colorful layout, almost everything I received is bright and cheerful. EC also caters to those who prefer something more subdued.

I really think this might be what I’ve been look for.



Goodbye DST, Return to Real Time

Most people love Daylight Savings Time because it “gives them an extra hour.” Well, no, it doesn’t. DST simply rearranges time in an official way so businesses adjust hours of operation without appearing to do so. And the weekend we change from standard to daylight savings time we actually lose an hour our lives. We got that back today. It’s not a gain of an hour. It’s a return of an hour we lent to DST.

Standard time is real time. The sun is directly overhead at noon. Which begs me to ask: when experts say to avoid lying out in the sun between 11AM and 1PM do they mean daylight savings time or standard time? So during the summer, when the US is mostly on DST, wouldn’t the hours be 10AM-12NN?

Another oddity about the time change: I have a deplorable habit of waking up at 4AM. It doesn’t matter whether it’s 4AM EST or 4AM EDT, it’s always 4AM.

If you’re interested in the pros, cons, whys, and wherefores of DST, this website lays it out in an understandable manner.


Cats in Romance Fiction

Today is National Cat Day.

One of my favorite fictional cats is Puff from an early Karen Robards novel, Night Magic. The hero is (of course) allergic to Puff, who is the heroine’s pet. The hero is a spy whose former code name was “Magic Dragon.” And (again, of course) the Russians* get the cat mixed up with the spy because of the song, “Puff, The Magic Dragon.”

*The book is from 1988. The Cold War ended in 1991. But then, Russian villains should once more be in vogue.

Another great cat in romance fiction is Elvis from Jennifer Crusie’s Bet Me. A stray who wanders into the heroine’s apartment with the hero, Elvis becomes very protective of the woman he adopts, probably because he approves of her music: she has a thing for Elvis Presley. Elvis the Cat learns to operate the heroine’s CD player, including the volume control. He also knows the good guys from the bad.

Do you have a favorite cat from a romance novel?


Happy National Greasy Food Day!

I love greasy food.

Years ago, I discovered greasy fast food helps with hangover queasiness. Maybe the grease protects the stomach lining from alcohol burn.  (Not drinking to excess really helps protect the stomach. And the head.)

The human body needs fat to function. In moderation, of course.

So indulge in your favorite greasy food today.