MJ Monday-Music: SIRIUS

I recently purchased a new vehicle. A really new vehicle, that come with three months free Sirius radio. How cool is that?

Except I rarely listen to music in the car. My commute is short (less than 2 miles one way). And between the dreadful radio my husband has to listen to in the morning–he works in radio sales and has to monitor competing stations–and the radio and other noise at Day Job, I relish those few moments of silence I have alone in my vehicle.

The *idea* of Sirius radio is cool. And I’ve played around with a couple of stations. But I’ve spent more time moving the continuous stream of related emails into a folder than I have listening.  That’s right. The emails DO. NOT. STOP,

That ought to say something.

2 thoughts on “MJ Monday-Music: SIRIUS

  1. janina says:

    I tried Sirius, didn’t get the hang of it.
    Then I had the chance to try Apple Music for free (it expires end of September).

    I LOVE APPLE MUSIC! I can play any song I want at any time I want.
    I’m going to have to rework my budget to pay for this.

    keeping a song in my heart,

  2. Robin Fiscoe says:

    I have Sirius and love it. The emails now go to my junk , simply filtering them rids one of annoying emails. I have filtered out many this way. Living out in the boondocks again the choice of music for me is great. Works for some, not all like anything else. Enjoy your new vehicle.

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