Thursday Thought: Dishware

I periodically browse on line looking for new dishes: plates, cereal bowls, small plates. I don’t particularly like the ones we use. My husband is very fond of them. I want something bright and pretty. I live in a city where there isn’t much sunshine, so my soul craves something other than mud brown and navy blue.

Here is a question: why do sets of dinnerware still include cups and saucers? My family can’t be the only one in the USA who doesn’t use these things that take up say too much cupboard space.

Granted, TV Stevie has a thing about coffee mugs–he uses maybe two of the ones he owns, and is always bringing home more, but we rarely weed out the mug cupboard. I have my favorite tea mugs.

Instead of matching cups and saucers, I’d like to see  lunch plates or soup bowls.

What do you think?