MJ Monday: MJ’s Manuscript: Beware of the Moon Cover Reveal

One-night stands don’t turn into forever unless you happen to pick-up a werewolf.

She thought the hook-up was just another one-and-done.

He knew she was his one-and-only.

But when his mission unlocks the treacheries of her past, they are forced to put aside their differences as they battle for their lives.

Brittany Hauge thinks she was blowing off a bad day when she hooks up with a stranger for a one-night stand.

Werewolf Dakota Towne knows better.

She was raised to fear demons before she traded hellfire and brimstone for science; he’s everything her preacher daddy warned her about.

But when Dakota’s undercover mission unleashes the true devil from her past, only her werewolf can save her.

Beware of the Moon, on sale October 23, 2019.