MJ MJ Monday: MJ’s Movies-ROB ROY (vs. BRAVEHEART)

Many years ago, a friend  who headed up the local cinephile society told me Rob Roy with Liam Neeson contained the best sword fight scene ever filmed. Being a huge fan of The Scarlet Pimpernel (MFTV 1982 with Anthony Andrews and Jane Seymour), I sincerely needed to check out Rob Roy.

The film came out the same year as Braveheart (1995), and was seemingly lost in the flash and dash of Mel Gibson, and that’s a shame. Yes, both motion pictures are historical Scottish stories, although they are set in completely different eras. Both portray the forever conflict with the “English,” but they are not at all similar.

I’ve seen Braveheart only once and remember being  not especially impressed with it. It was big. All encompassing. Broader in scope. Epic. Rob Roy tells the story of one man and his family and how the “English” occupation impacted them. The story is more intimate.  More personal.

And the sword fight scene my friend praised? Oh, wow. Again, no flash and dash. One man, weary to his soul, fighting for his honor.  The key word here is weary.

If you haven’t seen it, make an effort. Thoroughly enjoyable movie.

One thought on “MJ MJ Monday: MJ’s Movies-ROB ROY (vs. BRAVEHEART)

  1. Janina says:

    I saw Rob Roy when it first came out, and I LOVED it. Braveheart then followed and I was confused as to why so many people were hootin’ and hollerin’ over Braveheart, but paying little attention to Rob Roy. I was drawn into Rob Roy’s world much easier than Braveheart. I stood on the outside peering in. I’ve not seen Braveheart since, but I have seen Rob Roy again. Time to rewatch that one yet again.
    Thanks for that affirmation about the two.

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