MJ’S Musings: Claustrophobic Feet

A social media acquaintance, after reading my lament about not being able to wear a pair of fun and funky boots, even though an ad for them beckoned me for months, said I had claustrophobic feet.

What a perfect description!

My reason is that my feet cannot abide being trapped inside boot or sneakers. If I can’t easily kick off my footwear, I don’t wear it.

But I really wanted those boots. So I bought them. I wear them.

They are cute as all get out. I am, however, of an age, where comfort should take precedence over cute. And I can’t wear them a full work day. By mid-afternoon, I am shoeless at my desk.

I live in a part of the US where we have winter. We have snow. We have feet of snow. So yes, I wear snow boots. And if we’re at an event in the winter, and I have to wear boots for any length of time, I go crazy.

But I’ve ruined several pairs of shoes in the spring when it rains because I just can’t abide wearing snow boots. My solution? Rain boots. Gardening boots.

Again, cute as can be. At least my poor feet won’t be stuck in them for hours.

Flipflop weather is around the corner.

One thought on “MJ’S Musings: Claustrophobic Feet

  1. Janina says:

    You ROCKED those boots! I am a shoeless wannabe also. Shoes are kicked off at work whenever possible. Summertime? Sandals or barefoot if possible. I get it.

    But you did motivate me to look for a little bit more “perky” kind of shoe, rather than my standard black issue. Haven’t done it, but I’m considering it.

    Love your gardening boots!

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