MJ’s Musings: Another Pet Peeve


I use my own shopping bags. Have for years. I keep them in the trunk of my car so I always have them with me.

Every time I grocery shop, I tell the cashier, “Please don’t make the bags too heavy.” And every time, the cashier loads as much as s/he can into each bag.  It’s not as if I am costing the store money by using too many bags. I use my own. I’m saving them money.  I say please. I’m nice about it.

When you’re short and already can’t deal with the too-tall shopping carts, lifting a too heavy bag is painful.  We’re supposed to lift from our knees, not our backs. Not in my supermarket’s parking lot.

Even worse is when the cashier in his/her zeal to cram as much into each bag as humanly possible starts crushing my popcorn and chips to make the packages fit. I had to tell one last week, “Stop crushing my chips!”

So yes, this is a pet peeve of mine.



2 thoughts on “MJ’s Musings: Another Pet Peeve

  1. Robin says:

    Since I shop at Aldis for nearly 85% of my groceries, this is not an issue for me as I am the packer. I use my own bags and have for many years, even when I shopped at Wegman’s. Perhaps an email to Wegmans customer service might help to educate the checkout folks better. It will also give you a productive place to air your peeve and perhsps make needed change.

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