MJ’S Musing: The Allure of Jeans

When I was a teenager, I loved jeans. Even as a young adult, jeans were my wardrobe of choice. Lately…not so much. I guess I’m getting cranky in my old age.

At Day Job, any day we can wear jeans is greeted with much elation, especially among the younger set. But I don’t find jeans comfortable anymore, maybe because I purchase my professional wardrobe to be comfortable.

The more I think about it, the more I realize jeans have never been comfortable. They bind. I remember when I was able to abandon snow pants for jeans–and discovered jeans didn’t really keep you warm in the snow. They’re too hot to wear in the summer.

So what is the allure of jeans?

2 thoughts on “MJ’S Musing: The Allure of Jeans

  1. janina says:

    You got me! Even as a young person with a thinner body I preferred dresses in the summer and leggings in the winter. Jeans were too confining, and they showed every bump and bulge, and I always felt like I was on display. Men could wear loose jeans in the day, and for a VERY brief fashion period baggy jeans for women were popular. But then it went right back to skin tight jeans.

    A few years ago I saw younger people wearing “skinny jeans” with “waists” that didn’t even reach above their hip bones. I was not envious. hahahaha. Not one bit.

    I still wear dresses, and I still wear leggings. I was never one of those “Mom Jeans” women.
    Great topic! Made me smile. Good way to start the day!

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