MJ’s Musings: A Thing I Don’t Get

There are many things in life I do not understand. Movies on a first date. Cars that are more elaborate than homes. I’m not saying those things are wrong. I simply don’t understand them.

Here’s another: you walk/run 10 miles a day, pride yourself on your physical fitness…and need an electric can opener to open your can of garbanzo beans. What?

And riffing off that, I don’t understand electric can openers. Why?

One thought on “MJ’s Musings: A Thing I Don’t Get

  1. Robin says:

    I have arthritis in my hands, often times a regular can opener , hand crank, does not work very well. That being said, I do not have an electric can opener but understand the need some may have. My aging parents needed one, wrist strength often deteriorates as we age. On such a topic, I don’t get why people buy pre chopped veggies, vegetable noodles already prepped and on ad infinitum.But to each their own, live and let live.

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