The Name Tag Game

A long time ago, when I was an author in search of an agent, I had a bite from a somewhat local agent. I wanted written correspondence with her; she wanted to do everything over the phone. I researched her a little more deeply than I had originally, and discovered she was not an agent I wanted. Our styles were too different. I passed on her offer of representation.

Fast forward a several months. A friend of mine invited me to the Golden Network party at the RWA national conference.  I was sitting at a table with my clique when along came another woman who asked if she could join us. “Of course,” we said. Networking is always important.

Then I saw her name badge. It was the agent. You know. The one whose offer I’d turned down. I was mortified. One of my pals who knew the whole story surreptitiously slipped me her name badge. I returned the favor. So for the rest of the night, I was “Christine Wenger” and she was me.

I am blessed to have such great friends.