#UpbeatAuthors: Thriftiness

The #UpbeatAuthors theme for the month of December is thriftiness. It’s a timely enough topic, what with the major gift-giving season upon us.

My family–parents, sibs, nieces/nephews–came up with a way to have holiday fun without breaking the bank.  Once a person hits the age of 21, there are no more individual gifts. They become part of what we call a White Elephant. I don’t know if what we do is a true white elephant, but we have rules and we have fun. The point is, no one goes broke buying gifts for everyone. After the final unwrap and stealing has happened, we then try to guess who purchased the gift we ended up with.

The true joy comes from finding a gift that everyone wants to steal. (There’s a limit on how many times an item can be stolen.) And no one goes broke.