#UpbeatAuthors: Friendliness Is Just Being Nice.

Friendliness is kindness, laughter, caring. It’s asking, “Did  you have a nice weekend?” It’s telling someone their lunch smells/looks wonderful or complimenting them on their new haircut. It’s smiling at the antics of the toddler in the grocery cart in front of you in the checkout line at the supermarket.

But it’s also telling the mother of the toddler throwing a tantrum in aisle two that this, too, shall pass. Been there, done that. You’re doing fine.

It’s being patient when the person on the other end of phone is having problems taking your order because his computer went down. Your computer never acted up on you? Or it’s someone’s first week in a new job, and they’re fumbling their way through new procedures. You never started a new job and had trouble getting the hang of things?

Friendliness is behaving in the manner you want people to use with you.