My Portable Office

I freely admit I stole this idea from a friend, who had an “office in a box” she kept in a recipe card file. Brilliant idea, I thought.

At the time I put mine together, I was carrying my WIP (Work in Progress) around in a three-ring binder, so I opted to use a pencil bag made for a binder.

Pen, pencil, highlighter, and index cards.

The outside mesh zipper pocket contains paperclips, binder clips, an eraser, a Sharpie, staples, rubber bands, sticky notes, and a lighter. Yes, a lighter. An author never knows when she needs to light a scented candle.


The big zipper pocket contains tape, a stapler, scissors, another Sharpie, note pads, larger index cards, a protractor, and a compass. I think I also used to carry an extra floppy disc, but times have changed.

This is all very compact and has come in extremely handy on many occasions. I carry it in my CNYRW go bag and in my retreat go bag.