A Thing I Do Not Understand

There are so many things in life I don’t understand. This one is most likely controversial and will probably anger some people. But it’s something I truly do not understand.

Why cathedrals are built so big, so majestic, and filled with what man considers “wealth” when there are people who are out there who are starving? I don’t pretend to know when this propensity started, but I do know that going back to at least the Middle Ages great expense went into building temples when people could have been clothed, housed, and fed. The attitude seems to be that G*d prefers gold to people.

The Egyptian pyramids tombs were built to honor the dead that were buried within. But the famous cathedrals of Europe were built to..? The same thing happens in the US. Some of these structures are more like theaters than places of worship.

I’m not bashing any particular religion here. Ostentation comes with every creed. The pouring of resources into material manifestations of what man values seems like a sin to me. All religions preach the sanctity of life, but feeding the poor doesn’t seem high enough on many agendas, especially when they can build idols to their own wealth.

Religious institutions  should put their money where the hungry mouths are.