Getting Rid of Make-Up

Many years ago, I let a couple of friends talk me into wearing makeup on a regular basis. So I had a couple of professional consultations. Bought reams of the stuff.  Way too much of it. It took time in the morning to apply. It took time at night to remove. I could never rub my eyes. No matter what kind of mascara I used, I ended up with racoon eyes. Makeup came off when I blew my nose. My winter coats had makeup on the collars. And my left eye watered nearly every day. I’m sure people thought I was crying.

A little over two years ago, during a hot spell, I was putting on my foundation, lamenting the fact that it was only going to melt off, when I realized I didn’t have to smear cosmetics on my face in order to go to work. My husband didn’t care. So I stopped. I thought I’d stopped just for the summer. But Labor Day came and I was enjoying my freedom from the routine too much. A year went by. Then two.

It was time to toss the stuff. A drawer full of little plastic compacts and tubes…

…became a waste basket full of the same.

The only thing I’ve used for two years is moisturizer and lip balm.

I’m still trying do decide what’s the next thing to go: coloring my hair or bras

2 thoughts on “Getting Rid of Make-Up

  1. Robin M Fiscoe says:

    Stopped coloring my hair years ago, looks great as far as I am concerned. Bras, well, I do not like the way I look without one nor does it feel good to me, but to each their own decision in this matter. At home, sure, but out in public, I am just not comfy without one. For me, bras are support for my back and shoulders, hair color does nothing for me anymore.

    • mj says:

      Thanks for stopping by. I always joke with my mom that she needs to stop coloring her hair so I can stop coloring mine. Good for you for stopping. I envy that. I’ve been reading up on how to go gray gracefully. Bras? I finally found a style that’s comfortable. Most are not. It’s still the first thing (after shoes) that comes off when I get home from day job.

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