A Thing I Don’t Understand

There are many things in life I don’t understand:

  • Going to a movie on a first date
  • fancy automobiles
  • pineapple on a pizza

But we all have different priorities.

Here’s another one:

Why do some people need more money when they already have more money than they will ever need? How much money is enough? Do they have shelter? Clothing? Food? Health care? Love? Peace?

I’m not saying people who work hard should deny themselves pleasures. I like treating myself to things. I like being able to afford those treats. And yes, I would like a little more money in my life so I could help my Chromos with their crushing college debt. To put a new roof on my house. To hire someone to clean my house. But I don’ t need those things. (Except maybe the roof. )

I’m talking about people who amass billions of dollars. Why? You can’t take it with you when you die. I get that you employ people, your  office staff, your household staff etc. I’m talking above and beyond that. Why do you need so much?

I know I am a spoiled American brat. I have car (used), a house, a standard of life that is middle class here. I don’t go hungry.  People in other countries would think me wealthy, and they’d be right. Because I’m content. I’m comfortable. I don’t need more.