Laptop Keyboards

I recently purchased a new lap top computer because the old one was on the verge of dying. Better safe than sorry. I actually purchased two of them. I returned the first one because it didn’t have enough RAM for its operating system. Go figure. I do like the second one I purchased except for one thing:

The placement of the mouse.

It is off center.  Okay, it’s centered to the “typewriter” portion of the keyboard, but as someone who uses both the letters and the number pad, having the mouse too far to the right is frustrating.

Y-Chromo assured me it was a “learning curve” thing and I would get used to it. Seven months have passed. I have not gotten used to it. I hate it. The position creates all kinds of havoc.

Example: six of the top ten most used letters in the English language are typed with the left hand. The top three letters used in English are left-hand letters on the QWERTY keyboard. Twelve percent of the letters in our alphabet are used 29.12% of the time.  (I used a calculator to do the math.) So my palm hits the mouse more than one fourth of time because I type those three letters! No wonder my cursor never stays where I leave it.

Click and drag? Somehow I’m always on the right side of the mouse.

I am right handed. That means when I use the mouse to navigate my screen, I used my right hand. The left side of the mouse is too far away from my right hand, so I’m always on the right side of the mouse.

When I mentioned how I didn’t like the mouse placement to the clerk at the store where I purchased the computer, he assured me all computer were now designed like this.

I cannot be the only person who finds this design flaw frustrating.

I know of two solutions.

  1. Get an external mouse and plug it in to a USB port (which are on the wrong side of this computer for a mouse). But the point of a lap top is portability. I already have too much stuff to haul around. I’m constantly looking for ways to reduce, not increase.
  2. Teach myself to mouse with my left hand–which I have done. When my “tennis elbow” was so bad, my physical therapist had me move the mouse on my work computer to the left side. I was actually fairly proficient.

Any suggestions?