#UpbeatAuthors: Way Will Open

I once read a book about young romance and how a Quaker community helped the college-aged heroine and hero find themselves. One of the themes throughout the story was a quote: “Have faith and way will open.”

Faith is optimism. There are those who would disagree with me, but we define faith differently. I’m not talking about religious faith (the second and third definitions in the on-line Merriam-Webster Dictionary), but faith as “complete trust and confidence”.

“Have trust and confidence and way will open.”

About a year ago, part of my life was turned on its head. I saw the signs and even acknowledged them, but when the moment came, it was still a shock. I took a deep breath. Then another one. One event led to another unanticipated situation. I kept breathing. “It’s going to work out,” I told myself. When others around me asked, I replied with the same: “Everything is going to work out.”

I had decisions to make. Options to weigh. And through it all I keep reminding myself, “everything is going to work out.”  There were times when staying positive was work; moments when panic threatened to overwhelm me. I’m only human. I refused to give in to the despair.

“Have faith and way will open.”

In the end, everything not only worked out, but my life took a turn for the better. My optimism saved me. Way opened.