Quirk Question

One of life’s quirks that annoy me:

The 10-key calculator/adding machine has been around for a long time.

Touch-tone phones came around in the 1970s.

Why aren’t the key pads the same?

The numbers 4-5-6 and 0 are in the same position, but the others are not.

My guess is because alphabetic characters were assigned to the numbers on dial phones, so if you were an ORchard or GRanite exchange (old phone talk), you would still be 6-7 or 4-7.

But alphabetic exchanges were already long gone when touch tone (push button ) phones came to be.

Okay, I’m whining. I use the numeric key pad on my computer with one hand and make calls with the other. I am constantly mixing up my ones and sevens etc. because number pads aren’t standard.

Positioning of gas pedals and brake pedals on a car is standardized. Hot water faucets are on the left and cold on the right. Why can’t we make numeric keypads the same?