Water Water Every Where

Today is World Water Day.

Water is a subject always on my mind. About thirteen years ago, I read a disturbing article that stated the next war would not be fought for oil, but rather for water. Potable water. That was scary. I wish I could find the article again, but although I’m fairly savvy on the internet, no luck.

Now I read that Cape Town, South Africa is due to run out of water on July 9 of this year.

Living near the Great Lakes (the planet’s largest basin of liquid fresh water), I am careless with my water consumption. Fresh water is there for me. I should know better. The California drought conditions are eventually going to impact the entire country–an awful lot of our food is grown in California.  I wonder silly things, such as when I’m rinsing my recyclables which have to be clean before I put them in the bin for pick up, how do Californians clean their recyclables when water is a rare and precious commodity?

The city in which I live is located on one end of one of the most polluted bodies of water on Earth. Yes, much progress has been made in cleaning up Onondaga Lake, but there are days when you can still gag from the stench when driving past the lake. Eating fish caught in the lake is strongly discouraged.

I grew up only hundreds of feet from the banks of Onondaga Creek. Clean water is in my consciousness.

We once took clean water for granted. It’s time to realize we need to work to make sure we have enough clean water for future generations to survive.