Peaceful Places

This week’s #UpbeatAuthors topic is “a place that gives you peace.”  I really had to think long and hard about what peace means to me. There are many kinds of peace. Different places offer different types of peace.

One such place is my bed, which offers me peace from the crazy scary world in which we live.

I have an extra firm mattress (which my husband hates), and an extra thick box spring, so the bed is higher than a standard bed. Being short, I love the feeling of elevation.

We recently purchased new bedding. The debate over color took several weeks. We settled on this, and we both like it.

Have you ever heard the phrase “bedgasm?” This is exactly how I feel every night when I crawl into bed. And while I am a morning person, that doesn’t make leaving my bed any easier.

So yes: my bed is my place of peace.