#UpbeatAuthors: Gratitude

When TV Stevie and I first got married, we started sharing “one good thing” before we ate supper each night. As our family grew (and became verbal), the children joined us in the sharing. It is as automatic as breathing for us to say, when we sit for our evening meal, “My one good thing is…”

Good things are our blessings.

Gratitude, according to my faith, requires acknowledging the blessings which are a part of our lives.  There is no limit to what we don’t have, so it is better to inventory what we do have.  Take nothing for granted, from the opening of our eyes in the morning, to closing them at night. Each moment in between is an opportunity to count our blessings.

Thanksgiving shouldn’t be one day in November where we overeat and watch football (or slave in the kitchen cooking, then cleaning up), but a daily practice.

I am blessed.




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