A Lost Art

I love social media. I love email. Both let me keep in touch with people without having to resort to using a telephone.  (The best thing about cell phones? Texting!) But I miss the days of writing letters.  I miss getting letters in the mail.

I remember receiving stationery as a gift. I exchanged letters with cousins who lived in other states and friends I met at summer camp.

Now I have a box of notecards. I do use them. 

But it’s not the same thing as sitting down with a good pen and pretty paper and composing a letter. Dashing off a quick note on a notecard is the old-fashioned equivalent of a text message. Long, chatty letters that caught you up on a person’s life, thoughts, and dreams are thing of the past.

I love to read collections of letters written by famous people–authors, politicians, etc. We find history in those collections. I wonder what history will say about this time period with our tweets and texts and instant everything. What will happen when technology fails and the archives of this generation no longer exist?



2 thoughts on “A Lost Art

  1. Robin M Fiscoe says:

    People in my own age group do not bother to reply in written form or even email. It is sad that this is becoming a rare treasure to receive a hand written note or card from someone. My older son Thomas has sent me some lovely cards since his move to NYC, I treasure each one and get them out when I need a smile or a boost in my day.

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