Old Dog, New Trick

I really hate talking on the phone. One of the reasons is the abuse I took from viewers back in my TV days. When the time came for me to look for another Day Job, one of the top items on my list of job requirements was NO PHONE WORK.

I found a position I thought was suited to me. Something new. I got to play with spreadsheets all day. If my phone rang at all, it was my supervisor asking me to pop over to answer a question.

Times change. Situations change. Circumstances change. I took another job where I’m on the phone several hours a day–and I find that I don’t mind it. At all. Maybe because I’m not dealing with the random public. Maybe because my co-workers are a pretty incredible bunch of women. All I know is that I’m content (my new main job requirement). My husband and friends say I seem happier.

Yeah, I was nervous about the new job, mostly because of the phone stuff, but I sucked it up and tried something new…and it worked.