National Sangria Day

Why this observance is in December is one of life’s imponderables. I think of sangria as a summer drink.

When I was first old enough to drink, we would go to the Ground Round (a chain restaurant that barely continues to exist) and order pitchers of sangria. I have many fond memories. Hazy, but fond.

I’ve been trying to move my husband away from soda, juices, and other high-sugar beverages, so I’ve been making iced tea with my Celestial Sesaonings tea bags. I found this one at the store the other day. Can’t wait to try it.

One thought on “National Sangria Day

  1. Robin M Fiscoe says:

    I remember Ground Round and carafes of Sangria, makes me smile. Ruby Tuesday’s makes some kick-a** ones that I have had now and then. I need to drink white wine based ones, the sulfates in red wines give me wicked headaches and sinus congestion, and these days I rarely drink any alcoholic beverages, they turn into sugar and spike my glucose. The thought of days of youth brought a ray of sunshine into this pre-Winter Solstice day, gracias!

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