Book Reading Bingo Update

I honestly thought I’d have half of my Book Bingo Challenge 2017 card filled out by now. Nope.

I think my problem is that I tend to re-read favorites (only one square allows a re-read) or I tend to read in the same categories. An author can be used only once. I tend to read my favorite author’s new releases, which eliminates them from the pool. The point of the challenge is to expand our knowledge of the romance genre by exploring sub-genres.

So far, the squares I have filled in are:

  • Inspirational Romance
  • Romantic Suspense
  • RITA Winner
  • Historical Romance
  • Erotica
  • YA Romance
  • The Billionaire
  • Paranormal Romance
  • Time Travel

It’s time to see what else is on my Kindle.