August Is Romance Awareness Month

I am a romance author. I believe in the power of love. I’m glad I write in a genre that generates hope.

I went on Pinterest to look for ideas about how to be romantic so I could include them in this blog. Oh boy.

OK. Pinterest is a female thing. I’m going to just keep reminding myself of that. Because otherwise my head would probably explode. “Why,” you ask?  Because everything I found was what a woman can do for her husband. How she can support him. How she can take care of him and show him her appreciation.


The few pins I tracked down focusing on women were about sex.

Maybe romance, like Pinterest, is a female thing. That’s too bad.

But my findings got me to thinking:

  • my husband always used to open the car door for me (remote locks and lugging babies into car seats put an end to that)
  • he would peel an orange and offer me pieces (I can’t peel oranges. I have never been able to peel an orange. )
  • He has never expected me to have dinner on the table every night. (He does expect there to be food in the house and that I will ensure that happens now that we are empty nesters.)
  • When the children were very young, he installed a remote operated light in our back entry so I could use the garage door opener to turn it on when I got home with the children every night.

You might not consider those things to be romantic, but they are all his way of taking care of me. And that’s romantic.