Nat’l Speak in Complete Sentences Day: Catch of the Day

One of my favorite fictional heroes rarely says a word. Complete sentences? Pul-ease.

Kristan Higgin’s Rita-Award winning Catch of the Day features “Maloner the Loner,” a lobster man who proves the cliche “actions speak louder than words.” Malone doesn’t need to talk to show us he’s a hero. The heroine, Maggie, is nearly talked to death by her high school sweetheart, the priest on whom she has an inappropriate crush, and the series of men she dates while trying to find Mr. Right.  Even her father, brother, and brother-in-law are a lot of talk and no action, proving again and again that talk is cheap.

The only two men in her life who don’t blather on are the short-order cook in Maggie’s diner, and Malone. Turns out these are the only two men on whom she can depend, too.

Kristan Higgins proves that complete sentences are sometimes overrated.