The Organized Writer pt 2

If you follow my blog, you know I’m trying to get myself organized. I’m looking into systems for 2017. The first thing I need to decide on is what do I really need from a planner.

I think I still need a physical planner as opposed to a digital one. Maybe. Because my Dayrunner is so bulky,


it’s not working for me. Part of the problem is the way I have it set up. I don’t want to be flipping from section to section to section.

planner-10 planner-9 planner-7

What worked in the Day Job isn’t working for my new life.

In the new Day Job, I use a combination of digital and physical: I color-code my incoming emails and flag them as to priorities. I keep a running list in a note book of what needs to be done. This method works very well for me. In fact, several of my colleagues who depend on me for follow-through now call me to add items to my list, knowing I will stay on top of what needs to be done.

It’s a list. In a notebook. Not sections I need to flip between.

It’s simple. I think I need simple.