Weird Holiday: Everything You Think Is Wrong Day

Today is the day you can avoid making decisions. If you think something, it’s wrong.

Today is the day to acknowledge you are not always right. You are imperfect.

People who accept their mistakes are usually treated with more respect than those who hesitate to take responsibility for their actions. Admitting one’s mistakes then attempting to fix things is the mark of a creative and successful person.

This is your day.


Peaceful Places

This week’s #UpbeatAuthors topic is “a place that gives you peace.”  I really had to think long and hard about what peace means to me. There are many kinds of peace. Different places offer different types of peace.

One such place is my bed, which offers me peace from the crazy scary world in which we live.

I have an extra firm mattress (which my husband hates), and an extra thick box spring, so the bed is higher than a standard bed. Being short, I love the feeling of elevation.

We recently purchased new bedding. The debate over color took several weeks. We settled on this, and we both like it.

Have you ever heard the phrase “bedgasm?” This is exactly how I feel every night when I crawl into bed. And while I am a morning person, that doesn’t make leaving my bed any easier.

So yes: my bed is my place of peace.

If You Should Stumble…

It’s National Get Up Day. No, not Roll Out of Bed and Slog into Life Day, but Get Up as in should you stumble, climb to your feet and keep trying. The day originally started for figure skaters: if you fall, get up. As their website says: We never know when our efforts to seek a goal or overcome an obstacle will encourage another to do the same.

That’s great advice for anyone. Make a mistake? Suck it up and move on. A rejection? A bad review? A nasty reader letter? Life is going to go on, and we will never succeed unless we continue to try. A terrific lesson.



Universal Hour of Peace

Copied from the Universal Hour of Peace web page:

The Universal Hour of Peace is measured locally from 11:30 pm December 3lst through 12:30 am January 1st.  We encourage you to initiate the new year with peace-filled intent.  Refraining from any harmful thought and activity, some meditate in solitude while others join with family and friends in harmonious reflection. 

I think this should be a New Year’s Eve tradition.

Change starts with me.


Goal Setting

I start thinking about my goals for the upcoming year in November. I always try to be realistic. The past couple of years, life has gobsmacked my goals–family crises, day job dilemmas, and so on. Nevertheless, I persist.

I thought I had my 2018 goals pretty much set. I’d printed them out for my annual goal-setting session with my critique group:

  • Finish writing two werewolf books
  • continue search for agent for dystopian women’s fiction novel.
  • critique at least once per month
  • 2 critique group writing retreats
  • minimum 2 Thistle Dew retreats
  • Active social media presence
  • RWA/local chapter
  • self publish cross genre novella

Do-able, right?

Well, the calendar had even flipped before life gobsmacked me again: one of my publishers is closing.

This could be awful, but the letter sent to the authors assured us that we will receive reversion of rights letters by June of 2018. This is a good thing. They are closing their doors, not going bankrupt, so the books they’ve published aren’t assets, the rights to which can be tied up in the courts for a long time.

But now I have decisions to make: do I want to self-publish these titles? Do I want to try to place them with another publisher? If you re-read my writing goal punch list, none of these scenarios are there.

At least I have choices. I have five already-edited books that will be 100% mine to do with what I will. That’s a good thing.