MJ’s Musings-Book Bingo: Best Selling Romance: JAK Promise Not To Tell

The Book Bingo category is BEST SELLING ROMANCE and what better book to fill that square than Jayne Ann Krentz’s 2019 release Promise Not to Tell. This story is the third in a trilogy revolving around adults who, as children, survived an intentionally set fire in a cult compound where their mothers were hostages.

Three of the male survivors were adopted by the local cop. As adults, they formed a detective agency. Each story of the trilogy revolves around finding the cult leader who tried to kill them so many years ago. Each heroine has a different issue for which she needs a detective’s help.

If you’re a fan of romantic suspense, I highly recommend the entire trilogy.


MJ’s Musings: Thistle Dew

A friend of mine owns an 1809 former stage coach inn in the foothills of New York’s Adirondack Mountains.

Her dream has always been to create a warm, welcoming place where her author friends could retreat and write. She has succeeded.

For several years, personal situations kept me from attending, but about two years ago, my circumstances changed,and I became a Thistle Dew regular. I always stay in the same room. I usually write in the dining room, although sometimes I move around to keep myself fresh.

The thing is, I can write here. I am so much more productive than when I am home. At home, my husband wants to spend time with me. The house needs me to spend time with it.

A few weeks ago, when I was desperately trying to finish a book due a month later, I planned an entire weekend at home, writing. HAHAHAHAHA.  The following weekend, I went to Thistle Dew, which is about 90 minutes from home, and I wrote over 10,000 words Friday afternoon/night, all day Saturday/Sunday morning.

Two weeks later, I finished the book at Thistle Dew .

Thistle Dew isn’t all work. There is plenty of eating (always) and laughter. I love getting to know people from my local RWA chapter with whom I might not interact at our monthly meetings. We forge new friendships and learn other writers’ strength and generosity. In warmer weather (i.e. no snow), we spend evenings around the fire pit outside and watch the sky while creating fond memories. And then there was the one night three of us encountered a ghost. Nothing bad. Nothing scary. Nothing threatening. But yeah. A woo-woo filled night. (A building constructed in 1809 is bound to house leftover energy.)

I am so lucky my friend had this dream and was able to make it come true.



MJ’s Musing: SEP-Natural Born Charmer

Many people I know consider Natural Born Charmer their favorite SEP novel. It’s definitely in my top five, but it didn’t make my top three because I really hated the end.  It has marvelous characters, a great plot, the best secondary love story in a SEP book, humor, pathos, community, texture, art, music…and a really lame ending.  For me, it was almost anticlimactic.

I went back and read the ending again, and it’s not as lame as I remember, but the problem is I remember it as lame. I simply couldn’t believe the heroine’s initial reaction when the hero “returns” to avoid a misunderstanding. And that’s where I get stuck. The heroine eventually returns to “form” and all is well, but it’s that initial bit that I remember.

I guess that’s my problem, not the book’s, but  that is why the book is only in the top five and not the top 3.

MJ’s Musings: Book Bingo: Sports Romance

Update on my Book Reading Bingo progress: I filled the “Romance with a Sporting Chance” square by reading Jean C. Joachim’s DAN ALEXANDER, PITCHER.

Baseball romance. YAY! I really enjoyed this book. I loved the whole idea of a woman hiding out in plain sight as “the hot dog girl” at a major league baseball stadium.  Loved the characters.

My only problem with the story had to do with the end. MINOR SPOILER ALERT:  if the government was hiding the heroine from the mob, the seriousness of her situation required…more than it was given in this story. That didn’t sit well with me.

Overall, however, I found this book to be a quick, fun read.


MJ’s Musings: Another Pet Peeve


I use my own shopping bags. Have for years. I keep them in the trunk of my car so I always have them with me.

Every time I grocery shop, I tell the cashier, “Please don’t make the bags too heavy.” And every time, the cashier loads as much as s/he can into each bag.  It’s not as if I am costing the store money by using too many bags. I use my own. I’m saving them money.  I say please. I’m nice about it.

When you’re short and already can’t deal with the too-tall shopping carts, lifting a too heavy bag is painful.  We’re supposed to lift from our knees, not our backs. Not in my supermarket’s parking lot.

Even worse is when the cashier in his/her zeal to cram as much into each bag as humanly possible starts crushing my popcorn and chips to make the packages fit. I had to tell one last week, “Stop crushing my chips!”

So yes, this is a pet peeve of mine.