#CrackpotTheory: Color, Food, & the Weather

I love bright  colorsI hate “tasteful” décor: ecru, beige, eggshell, and other shades of brown and white;  deep greens; dark reds. Who gets to decide what’s tasteful? Please!

One thing I’ve noticed is cultures that indulge in bright colors also tend to eat spicier foods. Foods with flavor. Full of taste. Yes, I know curry was invented to hide the taste of rotting food–but so was mayonnaise.

Other correlations I’ve noticed is that cultures with bright colors and spicy foods tend to be in warmer climates. They also seem to be closer to their emotions–more aware of their passions and unafraid to show them.

Color makes me happy. Spicy food makes me happy. Hot summer days make me happy (you can keep the humidity). Maybe I need to move.





Weird Holiday: Everything You Think Is Wrong Day

Today is the day you can avoid making decisions. If you think something, it’s wrong.

Today is the day to acknowledge you are not always right. You are imperfect.

People who accept their mistakes are usually treated with more respect than those who hesitate to take responsibility for their actions. Admitting one’s mistakes then attempting to fix things is the mark of a creative and successful person.

This is your day.


International Women’s Day

How many of us knew about the women of Hidden Figures before the movie?

Hedy Lamarr, one of the most “beautiful” movie stars of the 1930s and 40s, also invented a radio system to throw off Nazi torpedoes. Her work is the basis for cellular and Blue Tooth technology. Did you know that?

Rosalind Elsie Franklin discovered DNA…but a couple of guys took the credit and won the prizes. Chien-Shiung Wu disproved something in physics, but a couple of guys took the credit and won the prizes. Jocelyn Bell Burnell did something with pulsars, but a couple of guys took the credit and won the prizes. I mention only three. There are more.

Which is why we need an International Women’s Day.

Hear me roar.





Clean Out Your In Box Week

This is National Clean Out Your In Box Week.

I try to clean mine out daily. The longest I go is weekly. I dislike clutter; leaving old emails hanging around in my inbox is a form of clutter.

What I really need is a “Clean Out Your Email Server” week. Once a month. It’s usually one of my goals, but I’m not very good at staying current. Because my website server doesn’t not have the option to delete incoming mail after a certain amount of time, I need to do it manually. When the server gets too full, my email isn’t forwarded to the program I use to manage my email.  And that is a bad thing. Truly.


A Lost Art

I love social media. I love email. Both let me keep in touch with people without having to resort to using a telephone.  (The best thing about cell phones? Texting!) But I miss the days of writing letters.  I miss getting letters in the mail.

I remember receiving stationery as a gift. I exchanged letters with cousins who lived in other states and friends I met at summer camp.

Now I have a box of notecards. I do use them. 

But it’s not the same thing as sitting down with a good pen and pretty paper and composing a letter. Dashing off a quick note on a notecard is the old-fashioned equivalent of a text message. Long, chatty letters that caught you up on a person’s life, thoughts, and dreams are thing of the past.

I love to read collections of letters written by famous people–authors, politicians, etc. We find history in those collections. I wonder what history will say about this time period with our tweets and texts and instant everything. What will happen when technology fails and the archives of this generation no longer exist?