#UpbeatAuthors: Tolerance–The Definition

According to the Oxford English dictionary, tolerance is ‘the ability or willingness to tolerate the existence of opinions or behaviour that one dislikes or disagrees with.’

We don’t see a lot of tolerance  in today’s world. There’s too much “my way or no way.”

I don’t understand why some folks can’t see the difference between, “You can if you want to” and “You can’t.”


#UpbeatAuthors: Earning Respect

Earning respect mustn’t be confused with demanding respect. Respect that is demanded usually isn’t truly respect; it’s either fear or obedience. Anyone who thinks respect can be ordered–“Show me the respect I deserve or else!”–is a bully. Bullies deserve only contempt.

Be sincere. Be genuine. Listen and learn. Compliment others. Be kind.

Accept differences. This is especially important when in the  religious and cultural areas. Make an attempt to understand what is different from your own background and beliefs. Don’t mock what you don’t comprehend.

Behave with honor. That’s an old-fashioned word that has gone out of fashion, but the concept is just as important in today’s world as it ever was. Honesty. Integrity. Ethical behavior. Doing the right thing.

#UpbeatAuthors: Respect Me/Respect You

Respect seems a rare commodity these days. In many ways, our interactions with others often seem to smack of who’s in control rather than honoring each other for what we are.

Here are a few ways we can bring respect back to our everyday interactions:

  1. Listen attentively to the person speaking to you.
  2. Keep the agreements you make with others–that includes being on time.
  3. Comment on what seems to be important to the other person.
  4. Allow other people their privacy.
  5. Use the other person’s name–first name if given or title if not:MJ or Ms. Compton
  6. Don’t interrupt.
  7. Don’t dominate a conversation.
  8. Be kind.
  9. Value other opinions.
  10. Apologize when warranted–and be sincere about it.

#UpbeatAuthors: The Golden Rule

Growing up, I always heard: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” That was the Golden Rule.

I always had a problem with this, because I would love to have someone give me a million dollars, but I don’t have a million dollars to give away. I know. That’s a materialistic interpretation of spiritual advice, but that’s the way my mind worked when I was a kid.

As an adult, I learned this version (which I prefer): “That which is hateful to you, do not do to your fellow.”   

Every major religion (and most “minor” ones, too) have a version of this “rule.” Kindness and respect are fundamental to human nature. Knowing that gives me hope for our future.




#UpbeatAuthors: Optimism & Happiness

“Positive thinking gives us the power to achieve our goals.”

I am a firm believer in goals. I also believe in optimism.

Optimism is considered to be a key ingredient to happiness, well-being, and satisfaction. Happier people have been found to be much more successful and leading more fulfilling lives.

Happiness doesn’t mean wild elation. Wild elation is exhausting. Content works. My goal is to be content. It’s not about reshaping the world around you; it’s about making a decision, an effort at times, to be optimistic.

Yes, life can suck. It frequently does. That doesn’t mean a person has to wallow in it.