Book Reading Bingo Update

I honestly thought I’d have half of my Book Bingo Challenge 2017 card filled out by now. Nope.

I think my problem is that I tend to re-read favorites (only one square allows a re-read) or I tend to read in the same categories. An author can be used only once. I tend to read my favorite author’s new releases, which eliminates them from the pool. The point of the challenge is to expand our knowledge of the romance genre by exploring sub-genres.

So far, the squares I have filled in are:

  • Inspirational Romance
  • Romantic Suspense
  • RITA Winner
  • Historical Romance
  • Erotica
  • YA Romance
  • The Billionaire
  • Paranormal Romance
  • Time Travel

It’s time to see what else is on my Kindle.


Book Reading Bingo: Erotica

The other day I was looking for books to fill in squares on my Book Reading Bingo card and came across a book given to me by a friend that claimed to be Erotica, which was an open square on my card.

The Dirty Secret by Kira A. Gold is so much more than erotica. I was completely gobsmacked by this book. I thought it would go into my donation pile when I was finished reading it. Nope. It’s a keeper.

Before I start waxing poetic, let me share what I didn’t like about the book: the transitions were off-kilter, awkward, weird. I often found myself lost. The story didn’t flow in every spot, which was jarring.

There weren’t a lot of twist or turns, and only one was what I considered major. That is not a bad thing. Yes, the book was graphically sexy. But sex wasn’t the only erotic thing going on in the story, and that’s what made the novel so special.

What happens when a young architect hires a just-starting-out set designer to decorate his entry in  a housing development showcase? He wants something feminine. Something that will appeal to women.

And off we go.

The story is filled with color. With textures. With light. All lush. The rich imagery is nothing short of design porn. I read several reviews on Goodreads after I posted my own review. Beige people gave it beige reviews. People who are afraid of color, of light, of texture will not enjoy this book.  Or maybe they won’t understand the tapestry woven by the author to heighten the standard inclusion of the five senses.  Several Goodreads reviewers called the decor “girly.” No, and no, and no. Everything was more mature than “girly.”  Deeper. More sensuous than flighty. Voluptuous, not flirty.

The book exploited this reader on many levels. I can’t wait to read it again.

National Read A Book Day

Personally, I think everyone should read a  book every day.

I read the way many people I know watch television. As a general rule, I do not watch television. Watching television is something that doesn’t occur to me when I’m looking for something to do. My brain isn’t wired that way. And you know what’s odd about that? I worked in local TV for a lot of years. Ironic. But I would rather re-read an old favorite book for the zillionth time than flip through channels looking for something to occupy my brain.



Bowl Me Over

Today is National Bowling League Day. No, I am not a bowler. I haven’t bowled since high school, and I don’t miss it at all.

The reason I chose this topic for today is because of scenes depicting bowling in the media.

My favorite bowling scene in a romance novel is from Kristan Higgins’  Catch of the Day. The heroine goes on a series of blind dates, once of which is at a bowling alley. Her date–recommended by her priest–is sleazy. He doesn’t come off that way at first, but the signs are there. The he does something, seemingly innocent, but the heroine follows her instincts. Let’s just say payback is a bitch.

My favorite bowling related movie is The Big Lebowski (Jeff Bridges, John Goodman). This is a motion picture people either loathe or adore. I am one of the fans. The protagonist is a bowler. Check out this scene for a taste of the action.  Or this one.


Book Reading Bingo: Dress for Success

In a previous post, I mentioned that Jude Deveraux’s book Legend fit into several categories of local RWA chapter’s year-long Book Bingo Challenge. One of those categories was DRESS FOR SUCCESS…a romance story featuring a fabulous dress. In Legend, the garment in question was a wedding dress.

I ask: what about a skirt?

As in: “Can a skirt really act as a man magnet?”

The late Cara Summers, who was a member of my local chapter, teamed up with two other authors to write a mini-series about a magic, man-magnet skirt. The nine “Single in the City” titles were release as part of the Harlequin Temptation line  in 2001 and 2002. The titles are now all available in Kindle format.

  • Book 1 Moonstruck in Manhattan (Cara Summers)
  • Book 2 Tempted in Texas (Heather Macallister)
  • Book 3 Seduced in Seattle  (Kristin Gabriel)
  • Book 4 Skirting the Issue (Heather Macallister)
  • Book 5 Sheerly Irresistible (Kristin Gabriel)
  • Book 6 Short, Sweet, and Sexy (Cara Summers)
  • Book 7 Male Call (Heather Macallister)
  • Book 8 Engaging Alex (Kristin Gabriel)
  • Book 9 Flirting with Temptation (Cara Summers)