Book Reading Bingo: Dress for Success

In a previous post, I mentioned that Jude Deveraux’s book Legend fit into several categories of local RWA chapter’s year-long Book Bingo Challenge. One of those categories was DRESS FOR SUCCESS…a romance story featuring a fabulous dress. In Legend, the garment in question was a wedding dress.

I ask: what about a skirt?

As in: “Can a skirt really act as a man magnet?”

The late Cara Summers, who was a member of my local chapter, teamed up with two other authors to write a mini-series about a magic, man-magnet skirt. The nine “Single in the City” titles were release as part of the Harlequin Temptation line  in 2001 and 2002. The titles are now all available in Kindle format.

  • Book 1 Moonstruck in Manhattan (Cara Summers)
  • Book 2 Tempted in Texas (Heather Macallister)
  • Book 3 Seduced in Seattle  (Kristin Gabriel)
  • Book 4 Skirting the Issue (Heather Macallister)
  • Book 5 Sheerly Irresistible (Kristin Gabriel)
  • Book 6 Short, Sweet, and Sexy (Cara Summers)
  • Book 7 Male Call (Heather Macallister)
  • Book 8 Engaging Alex (Kristin Gabriel)
  • Book 9 Flirting with Temptation (Cara Summers)


It’s Book Lovers Day!

Today is a day that should be dear to all authors’ hearts: National Book Lovers Day. The way to observe this day is sit and read a book. Or stand and read. All day. The kind of book–fiction or non-fiction–doesn’t matter. The point is to read.

Reading all day is my idea of bliss.

Book Reading Bingo: Time Travel Romance

Last month I wrote about how my local RWA chapter is running a year-long book reading bingo challenge.

I focused on the book LEGEND by Jude Deveraux. One of the many categories into which this book could be used is Time Travel.

I’m going to let you in on a little secret: I love a good Time Travel romance. I recently read a newer one to mark the square off on my bingo card, but I was sorely disappointed in the book.  It’s not that the book was poorly written: it wasn’t. The mechanics were fine. But this award-winning novel didn’t have a plot twist I hadn’t met before.  And I tend to believe the conflict between the hero and heroine needs to be more than “I/You don’t belong in your/my time.”

One other thing: I listen to old RWA national conference workshops all the time. I have a dedicated mp3 play that holds nothing but. I consider my money well-spent when I purchase these workshops (even though I resent having to pay more for them because I can’t afford to attend the conference and conference attendees get a price break).

But I digress. One year an editor lamented that she’s never seen a Time Travel romance in which the time traveler chose to make the trip. The trigger is always an accident.  At the time the workshop was recorded, I was a aware of at least two published Time Travel romance out there in which the heroine made more than a conscious effort to go back in time. And since then, I’ve read at least one other.

So without further adieu, here is my list of favorite Time Travel Romances:

  • WINGS OF THE STORM by Susan Sizemore (1992) (accidental time travel)***
  • AFTER THE STORM by Susan Sizemore (1996) (intentional time travel)
  • LEGEND by Jude Deveraux (1996) (accidental time travel)
  • TWICE A HERO by Susan Krinard (1997) (accidental time travel)
  • SON OF THE MORNING by Linda Howard (1997) (intentional time travel)
  • KILLING TIME by Linda Howard (2006) (intentional time travel)

***This book was a Golden Heart winner…and the reason RWA now requires proof of a completed manuscript for all Golden Heart entries.


A couple members of my local RWA Chapter came up with an idea to prompt members into reading outside their comfort zones. Bingo! Each member was given a card with 25 categories, along with the rules and an explanation of each category. All books read (except for one) must be a new-to-you book. Books and authors can be used only once. The center square is “WRITTEN BY A CNYRW MEMBER.”

I love this so much.

Of course, I read like most people (whom I know) watch television.

So far, I’ve filled in two squares.

As I sit here at my desk, I’m looking at the titles of many favorite books, only one of which I can use for the game.  And I’m fascinated with books that could be used for multiple categories if that were allowed. Which it is not.

Example: Legend by Jude Deveraux

  • Published before 2000
  • Eat, Drink, & be Merry
  • Paranormal Romance
  • Reread a favorite
  • Dress for success
  • Time travel

Stretching it bit:

  • Stranded
  • Historical Romance
  • The Billionaire
  • Love Triangle

No wonder I love this book so much.


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