The Organized Writer, Part 1

Last year, I tried to organize my Day Runner, leftover from my Important Day Job, into something that would work for me as a writer. (You can read about it here.)

The result: I’m not happy with the system. The Day Runner is just too bulky for my current life situation.

Last week, one of my publishers’ author loop started talking about systems for organizing. Several electronic versions were mentioned, as were some non-digital methods. I am intrigued and am investigating.

I have switched all of my electronic calendars to Google calendars. My iPhone wouldn’t play nice with the Kindle Fire, which wouldn’t play nice with whatever my laptop is using–the Chromos urged me to go to Google. And I do like it. Now I can enter an appointment on my phone and it shows up every else I need it to show up.

The next step is to think about what I really need from a planner.