Snarky Sunday

Back in June my mom took a bad spill and broke her ankle in three places. She was wheelchair-bound for several weeks. No weight at all on that ankle. She is not a young woman. My dad is not a young man, and while he could do a lot of caretaking she needed, he couldn’t do all.

So my brother called their house of worship and made arrangements for meals to be delivered twice a week. My folks eat like birds, so these meals lasted several days (and we froze portions, too). My sibs and I, along with my children, nieces, and nephew, started a Parent Patrol, and took turns going to my folks house every day to make sure they had a hot meal and everything was okay (my dad really can’t manage hot meals, but he can do cereal and sandwiches). One or more persons was on hand every single day to feed them and clean up afterward, plus deal with other stuff, if only to keep Mom company while Dad puttered around outdoors.

Whenever I was there and the meals were delivered, my parents’ friends continually commented on how wonderful it was that we were all taking care of our parents. Which confused me. I mean, what were we supposed to do? Put rocks in their pockets and toss them in the creek?

One thought on “Snarky Sunday

  1. Robin Moore Fiscoe says:

    You are fortunate to have your parents in your life still. My Mom lived on her own, until age 82, drove until the age of 80. When she could no longer live alone, she refused to live with my sister or me and moved to an assisted living facility nearby. We visited all the time, shortly before her 86th birthday she passed away on Mothers Day 1998, with my sister Ruth and I with her in her final moments. We cared for my Mother as she cared for us, as much as she allowed us to. How I wish at my age of 61 I still had my parents alive and well. My parents had all of us at an older age, a choice they made and one not often done in that era. My Mom,worked full-time until age 65. I am proud to say my parents both instilled great work ethics into all of her children. I learned to cook and clean from my Father, he was not your usual man doing such chores since he worked days while my Mother worked nights. Reading this slice of life gave me good memories and made me smile thinking of my life growing u, and remembering how fortunate I was an am..

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