The Future Is Now

I was at a drive-thru window getting breakfast one morning and didn’t understand a word the cashier said to me. Not. One. Word. I periodically have this problem with my 20-something children and a couple of 30-something co-workers. They speak too quickly and don’t enunciate.

I couldn’t help but think of Linda Howard’s Killing Time, in which an FBI agent from the futures comes to the present to solve a crime. Part of the future world Howard created included people speaking much faster than they do now.

This past winter, I (re)read JD Robb‘s “In Death” series from beginning to newest release. Naked Death came out in 1995. Robb set her series in the not-terribly distant future-2058.

jd robb 01

One thing that struck me with the re-reading was how of the technology she created for her books has come to pass. Palm Link anyone? Try your smart phone. We didn’t have those in 1995.

jd robb 02

Can the Urban Wars be far behind?

jd robb 03