National Lazy Day

It’s National Lazy Day.

How many of us need a push to be just lazy for one day?

I once read a book, a feminist book, by Jane O’Reilly or Ingrid Bengis or Tillie Olsen or someone whose name I have forgotten. The author was recalling her childhood family holiday gatherings and how the children always preferred hanging out with the men drinking beer and playing horseshoes than with the women in the kitchen, who were just bitchy. The author’s moment of truth came when she realized the women were bitchy because they didn’t have the holiday off. They still had to watch the children, prepare the feast, clean up afterward.

Why do we need permission to take a day off?

I frequently find my “vacation time” from day job usurped by household chores.  And I resent it.

I’m reminded of The Parable of the Mexican fisherman and the Investment Banker.

And of the many Facebook memes advising us to build a life we don’t need a vacation from.

That’s not lazy.

Writing is the best part of my day