National Grab Some Nuts Day

Yes, that really is one of today’s observances, and the latent Gutter Girl in me snickers and thinks: “SPLASH!”

But this is a PG-13 blog, so I’ll haul myself out of the gutter, dry myself off and be a responsible adult.


I am not a huge nut fan. Especially walnuts. Don’t know why people have to ruin perfectly good brownies or chocolate chip cookies with walnuts. All of my life I thought I didn’t like banana bread. A friend made some with almonds instead of walnuts, and I loved it!

Another friend substitutes pecans for walnuts when she knows I’m on the agenda. It’s an acceptable substitute, but the foods would still be better without them.

Nuts I do like:

Cashews don’t offend me—especially in Chinese food. And what about that divine mixture of hazelnut chocolate, Nutella? Addicting! Macadamia nuts with white chocolate in a chocolate cookie? I’m dying here!

I’ll eat peanuts (not technically a nut, but rather a legume), but almonds are my favorite. Too bad growing almonds requires so much water.  Something so healthy shouldn’t be an ecological disaster.

Because almonds are a healthy food choice.

Most nuts (in their pure state) are a good food choice. Unfortunately, chocolate (even though it’s made from cocoa beans, which are a fruit) is considered an adulteration. Nuts are a great at-the-desk snack—high-protein with omega-3 fatty acids, easy to eat, and very filling.

So go grab some nuts!

2 thoughts on “National Grab Some Nuts Day

  1. Claire Gem says:

    Ha! I am a nut fan, but I’m also reading a book titled “Nuts” by Alice Clayton. So far, I’m liking this new-to-me author quite a bit – Alice Clayton.
    Toasted almonds are my favorites, by the way 🙂

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