Stealing Home

My second contemporary baseball romance, Stealing Home, came out yesterday.

It’s actually the first baseball book I wrote about the Syracuse Saltboilers, but I didn’t submit it to my publisher until after Summer Fling  came out. Mostly I was worried my publisher wouldn’t like all the movies referenced in the manuscript. The heroine grew up on movies, which helped shape her life.

In fact, there are at least seventeen real movies referenced or named in the novel. Oh, and one made-up title.

My publisher never blinked.

Here’s the cover by artist GD Leigh.

Stealing Home

Isn’t it gorgeous?

She went to Cooperstown for the opera . . . and stayed for the baseball player.

Chelsea Lyndon isn’t about to let a minor thing like being abandoned by her date in a strange town get her down. Maybe she grew up on romantic comedy movies, but she’s a self-reliant realist. No man is ever going to control her . . . not even a too-sexy-for-her-peace-of-mind retired baseball player. But Tripp Shaneybrook is determined to rescue Chelsea, whether she wants his help or not.

Reluctantly accepting Tripp’s assistance when she discovers her bank account is empty and her credit cards maxed out, Chelsea lets herself enjoy being pampered and seduced. The weekend plays out like one of her favorite movies: pure fantasy. And the sex is incredible. But she needs to go home and resume her dreary life.

Tripp has other ideas about that, too.

And when that life begins to fall apart, Tripp is there to help pick up the pieces. Chelsea begins to trust the man whose actions backup his words.

Until his past collides with her reality in a series of incidents that threaten to rip them apart forever.

Buy links for different formats and retailers are gradually becoming available, but my publisher, Loose Id, has all formats available on their website.