I Wish You Would Read…

I inherited my love of reading from my grandma and my mom. Most of my cousins are voracious readers, too.

We used to read a lot of gothic romance back in the day. One of my favorite books–and it’s the book that actually turned my sister into a reader–is by Anya Seton. Many of you may be familiar with Anya Seton because author Barbara Samuel is enamored of Seton’s Green Darkness. And Green Darkness is a wonderful book. Seton has written many wonderful books.

But not one of them is as wonderful as her Dragonwyck. Dragonwyck is a gothic historical romance taking place in the manor-system of the Hudson Valley before, during, and after the American Civil War. If I hadn’t read this book, I never would have known about this northern version of sharecropping. It certainly wasn’t taught in the New York State History classes we took in school.

I wish everyone who loves a meaty historical story and a great romance would read this book.



National Cookie Day

In honor of National Cookie Day, I’m going to tell you about the most erotic scene ever written in a book involving a cookie.


The book: Kill and Tell

The author: Linda Howard

The setting. New Orleans. A rainy summer night in the French Quarter. A balcony. Jazz in the background, enhancing the sultry tone. Bare feet. Red wine. Cookies.